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Wannholm Media

Wannholm Media was first created as a high school project by Christoffer Wannholm in 2015.

where he had the ambitions to develop a complete solution for customers who needed everything from a new logo, business cards, clothes and content for their start-up or development. And has since had valleys and peaks due to employment and studies.

The road after high school led straight into the printing industry where he worked as an original for almost 3 years before he was recruited to a profile and communications agency where Christoffer got bigger jobs. In addition to the continued original work creating content for social media, building the graphic profile for the new company when I needed to broaden my views from the textile and product printing industry to be involved in larger projects and work with designers of everything from large format to massive signs, banners and other large format media. For car designers adapted for special foiling and various unique objects such as duffel bags, package designers, POS materials and light boxes in all its forms. So a bigger flame formed within me to one day implement my basic idea that was built up during my time in high school. There was also a greater interest in content creation and the flame for photography and film lit up on a more serious level.

In addition to the development of knowledge in graphic design, he learned along the way about how the production and approach of all these different areas went and what the requirements were. From beginning to end.

In order to supplement his knowledge, he attended basic and advanced courses in graphic design, photography and video and with experience in profile and printing, he chose to start up Wannholm Media again after his employment reluctantly ended due to the pandemic. Today, Christoffer collaborates with various printing companies and production agencies to be able to offer its complete solution to companies. Big and small, well-established and newly started.


The idea is simply to be able to produce everything from the graphic profile, the most important profile materials and also offer the help so that the company can be part of the time of all the hysteria around social media. If it is 3 shirts or 3000 shirts. Or if it's just an ad or it's a whole graphic profile. All at the same company so the customer can continue to focus on driving their business forward.


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